Oh Shelly, A short story

“Oh Shelly,” said Robert as he stroked his pet’s oily long brown hair while she sat beside him, “What would I do without you?”

Shelly rubbed the nose of her muzzle on Roberts’s hand, looking him straight in the eyes with her not yet fully tamed wild glare. There was a hateful spite in those eyes and a rage for freedom that few of Robert’s past pets had carried. Clearly she was begging to have her muzzle removed. Robert pat her on the head and grabbed her pinch collar saying, “I don’t like putting this on you girl. I really wish you would just be good and stay by me when I take you for walks,” Robert knelt down next to Shelly and rubbed her neck checking to see how her scabs from her consistent yanking on the pinch collar had healed from two nights before, “Scabbing up pretty good girl, you’ll heal just fine.”

He waved his finger in her face and said, “Now if you’re good during our walk I’ll give you a treat when we get back. How would you like some Chinese? Do you like Chinese? I forgot to ask. I like Chinese,” Shelly shook her head up and down, her eyes gleamed a hatred which Robert had accepted long ago. He didn’t understand why she hated him. He’d fed her and cared for her. He played with her every day. It made him happy that she liked Chinese. More happy that she’d answered a question for a change, “Good, good, Chinese it is then.”

Robert raised the collar to her and she shook her head side to side to say no, while she almost growled at him through her muzzle. Robert slid the collar over her head and said, “Now you stop that! No need to get all worked up over this here collar! If you’re good and stay near me we can take our little walks in the woods and you’ll be fine. I don’t know where you think you’re going. There isn’t another house for over 6 miles in any direction. No one is coming to see you,” Shelly whined quietly and Robert sighed while he looked into her eyes, she looked away from him, “It’s just us Shelly.”

“I’ll order that Chinese when we get back. I think I know a place that delivers this late,” he said before kissing the gnarled hair on the top of her head, “I should comb you later. Maybe a bath too.”  A tear crept out of Shelly’s eye as Robert untied her previously bound hands and feet, “Don’t hurt yourself now girl. Pains me to see it. I love ya too much to watch it.”

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