Sally – Short Story

I awoke one icy winter night to a discovery that was quite unexpected. My wife Sally was not in bed beside me. At first it was not a matter of great concern. As I laid there listening to the harsh winter winds whistle past my window I began to wonder. Where could Sally be? Hour long minutes slowly passed with only the whistles to keep me company. The silence of our bedroom hurt me as if it were a jackhammer pounding at the fabric of my soul and churning my innards. There were no detectable sounds indicating that any living thing outside myself were present in the home.  Visually there was only a small light peeking out from under our bedroom door. The will to investigate was stifled by the frozen air beyond my cozy blankets. I was cocooned like a butterfly not yet hatched.

I looked to my clock, 4 a.m., far too early for Sally or myself to be awake. Sally was not one to disappear from bed for long in the night. She’d always been jumpy after dark often thinking people were breaking in at all hours of the night. I eased my feet slowly to the iced hardwood floor. The sting of the cold was nearly enough to push me back into my cocoon. Quickly moving across the floor as my arm hairs stood on end and my toes went numb I preceded to head towards our closed bedroom door. The carpet was freezing as well. A usual occurrence at night. The air. The world itself. All ice to me. My poor toes felt the sting and stab of this frigid world and my hand soon discovered the intensity of their frozen burden as I grasped the door handle and proceed to exit the room. Our white hallway, filled with many doors, absent of any pictures, was so bright it pained my eyes to adjust after leaving the warm darkness of my bedroom.

Three doors down was the bathroom, the only door ajar. She had to be there. What was taking so long? Had she gone in the night because we drank to much wine, and then slipped and fell and smashed hear beautiful head open? Thoughts of her bloodied blond hair made me quiver, made me salivate a sick pukey mucus. Could she have had enough of this cold wet winter and extinguished her life while I slumbered? Did she fall asleep on the toilet or in the bath? My poor Sally. I missed her even before she was gone.

Through the doorway and much to my dismay the room was empty. Barren of all life and perfectly clean as if the bathroom had never been used. I looked in the mirror above the sink and if I hadn’t seen her there myself I wouldn’t have believed it possible. It was Sally, standing in the mirror smiling at me. How was this possible? How could she have become trapped?!

I told her not to worry; I told her it was all going to be ok. My hands shook with such violence that as I gripped the sink I knocked down our medicines and toothbrushes in my attempt to keep from allowing my knees to give out. She didn’t talk; she only looked at me and smiled. I punched the mirror to get her out. It was a hasty decision resulting only in bloodied knuckles. As glass and blood fell Sally’s face became engulfed in flames. Fire having risen all around her, scorching her tender flesh. Her poor face, cracked into four large pieces and about a thousand small ones. A crater from my fist centered where right eye should have been. It should have pained her beyond a mere man’s imagining. Still she smiled. The little curve of her lips was engraved onto my retinas that night.  A simple smile happier than any other smile I’d seen here with even in the face of her cracked demise.

Could I remove her from her confines by force of hand? My stomach turned from worry as I watched the meat and skin of my once soft flesh was shredded and left to rain into the sink below accompanied by bits of glass. Sally was gone. All that laid behind the mirror was the wall it had once hung on. My knees gave out. I proceeded to weep and pray for her return. How could a god do such things to mortals? Could he not help us?!

Lucifer instead sent my brother, Morgan, from the basement to restrain me, to pin me on my back and keep be from saving my beloved. We’d been so close once and now? Now in time need Morgan had plastered me to the floor with his brute force. Restrained me as you would a crazed animal.

Morgan showed me a hand held mirror after he’d shifted a knee onto my chest to pin me harder and free a hand.  He’d captured my Sally in his little hand mirror. Betrayal, he deserved to die for taking her from me, no one else should have my Sally! Morgan screamed for me to look at myself in the mirror, but all I saw was her. He didn’t understand, she was trapped and I had to free her, I needed her.  This is you! This is you! he repeated as I shifted my body to gain leverage on him. With a shift and a quick knee the groin, like I’d done when we were boys, he was flipped and I was upon him!

Pinning him, smearing blood from my bleeding hands across his face and chest. Fear filled his eyes as I choked him. Morgan’s tears ran down his face and through in my blood with the regret and the heartache that we two shared!

Morgan’s grip was strong at first, his fists forceful, but it was not enough. The Lord had granted me the strength to slay him. It was the Lord’s wish that I be with my Sally again. He took longer than expected to stop twitching and even longer to stop breathing. Twice I loosened my grip only to see him make an attempt at breathing. The gall of him.

Then at last I had her in my palm and I was shaking with glee. My beauty forever set to rest beside me. Visible at last. There was a very real feeling that we’d been apart for days if not years. I slid Morgan into the tub and ran cold water over him to wash off the blood and cool his body. The aim was to prevent him from rotting while I figured out how to get Sally out of her glass prison.

Until then she will be mine and mine alone. Locked away with me in my bed where she belongs. Cuddled in our cozy cocoon. Far from all outsiders.

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