Fighting Writer’s Block -JOIN THE WAR

If you have writer’s block there is no cure better than time… but aside from wasting time waiting. Try this-

New experiences stimulate brain chemistry. If you’re stuck try something new. Read a book in a genre you never read. Watch a documentary about something you don’t know about. Get in the car and drive a random direction until you see something new. The important thing is to give your brain new information to take in.

Putting yourself into uncomfortable situations (writers like to be introverts right?) can be really good for you thought process. Going somewhere out of your comfort level can be very enlightening. Personally, I don’t go to church. Sitting though mass after over ten years of not going was new. Traveling to Virginia Beach was new to me, I had new thoughts. Little things like going for a walk in the woods will work. They help to both take your mind away from your blockage and to help you formulate a new thought to fix whatever is holding you back.

Again, read a genre you generally avoid. Don’t just read horror or just scifi. Especially don’t read one only author. Variety is the spice of life. Variety will stimulate your mind and help you past writer’s block.

In the long term if you make writing a habit it will just happen. If you focus on getting 500 or 1500 words out a day you will exercise the brain muscles that you need to write consistently. At that point, you are producing. It won’t always be golden nuggets of writing super candy but it will be better than feeling like you’re stuck with writer’s block.

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  1. Great advice. I had started a horror story about a decade ago and after a strong start, it just sort of petered out and I abandoned it. That is, until my more-Catholic-than-the-Pope parents came out to New Mexico for a visit and I accompanied them to some old churches and other religious sites — they were in their devotional glory and I was finding creepy images everywhere. Suddenly, I knew where I wanted to take that old story and now I’m finishing it in installments on my blog. One never knows where inspiration will be found.

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