Horror Fan Read/Watch Statistics (For Authors, Bloggers, and Marketers)

In the FaceBook group Horror Everything I came across a poll that was very interesting to me as a horror writer/blogger. Hopefully, you can find it useful too if you are a fellow horror writer or blogger.

The poll asked how many people in the group (a horror enthusiast group) read and watch horror, only watch horror, write horror, and only read horror. Personally as a writer of horror if I am looking at demographics I don’t need to see how many other horror writers there are compared to readers and horror movie watchers. Really what I was interested in here was the staggering percentage that both read and watches horror opposed to only watching horror or only reading horror.

I had thought that this poll would be more skewed towards people watching horror.

245 people responded to the poll and of that amount 4 said that they are horror writers. So to make this a useful demographic I dropped the 4 that said they write horror.

How is this useful?

This is really only useful to horror marketers. If I am going to release a horror novel and I am only attempting to market to readers of horror books assuming that they can only be reached by promoting or discussing horror novels than I am missing out on a huge overlap. 99.2% of horror fans watch horror. About 80% of all horror movie fans read horror. Knowing this, marketers can justify creating content that would be of interest to horror movie buffs and horror fans. If you draw in 10 people to read about a horror movie 7-8 of those consumers probably so read horror. This adds variety to content marketing so you’re not just talking about books all the time. However talking about books all the time would draw in a much more targeted audience. 

OR! Maybe this is a useless statistic!



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  1. I don’t think it’s useless. The observation is quite smart. It would make sense to include content such as horror movie reviews or opinion pieces regarding the horror movie industry, which can draw in those movie enthusiasts whom might also be interested in reading your work but may not have otherwise landed on your page. I find it is somewhat more likely for someone to click a link to your page to read an article about something they are already familiar with, or already have an opinion of. Therefore, they may not arrive to your page via a link to one of your own stories or IP if they are not familiar with your work. If they like your style, or your opinion, or perhaps your particular flavor of sass, and they also enjoy reading horror, then you have made a good connection and potentially new returning readers who now will click the links to your original IPs.

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