We Are Monsters – Book Review

We Are Monsters

by Brian Kirk

We are Monsters is about the Sugar HIll Mental Asylum. THhs facility run by a doctor who is utilizing umaine treatments to cure patients. This is sometimes a the expense of his own staffs safety. The book is 312 pages long and does lose a little of it’s luster in the third act.


The story is centered around a cure for schizophrenia that a doctor is trying to get approved for widespread use. The cure causes your worst fears to become real and also causes the fears of those who touch you to become real too.


Enter the Apocalypse killer; who has been killing people he thinks are demons! After testing the cure on his brother our good doctor goes ahead and tests it on the famous Apocalypse killer who has recently been admitted to the asylum. Which as you’d imagine goes terribly wrong.


Hallucinations lose their appeals as threats and some suspense is taken away when you remember that most of the horrific events are all hallucinations. Still, this story benefits from having no big information dumps and by being very well written. At times the story has to talk about sexual abuse and it does so in clean ways that prevent the story from becoming gratuitous.


That being said Kirk does seem to sugar coat abuse at times with his way of having characters get over their abuse in the past by accepting what happened and forgiving their assaulters? At parts of this book, you will have to suspend reality and just kind of go with it.


This book, from what I understand, is currently being negotiated for a movie deal so you may soon get to see the story unfold on the big screen. To me, the story almost reminded me of what you might expect to see happen in an Outlast game.

23 out of 32 stars, because rating systems are silly. Hopefully, this helped you decide if this is the kind of book for you or not.



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