The lament Configuration – Know Your Horror

The Lament Configuration that has turned out to be referred to the film arrangement as the Lament Configuration was presented in The Hellbound Heart as “the Le’ Marchant Configuration”. It showed up as an antique dark lacquered baffle box of unparalleled workmanship. A smart individual with an energy for understanding the perplex may spend the better some portion of a day trying to get started opening the box.Screenshot (96)

In the Hellbound Heart and Hellraiser Frank opens it and hears bells before the Cenobites are summoned by the box. Kirsty accidentally opens the box out of curiosity in the same film/book. The opener of the box, be it intentionally or unintentionally, is responsible for opening the schism between our world and the Cenobites realm. The have to take someone back with them.

A critical contrast between the book and film forms — besides the name — is that the film rendition of the container is simply bent into new arrangements or shapes, though the variant in the novella is totally dismantled and reassembled. The film adaptation is additionally trimmed in metal or gold and seems to have arcane images scratched on its surface. The novella variant is totally smooth and has no undeniable plans put something aside for a practically intangible drawing along the creases between the pieces, yet appears to show the characteristics of its casualties in the impression of light over its surfaces.

The puzzle box shows up in all the movies based on The Hellbound Heart. At the end of the movie, Kirsty wonders if there could be a box that leads to a paradise instead of hell. In the second movie, there are a group of boxes shown in display cases. This leaves one to wonder if there are boxes to other realities or heavens or hells?


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