These Toys Are Exactly What I Was Afraid of as a Child

I am almost 30. There are few things from my childhood that spark a memory of fear which still lingers to a small amount. I think part of the issue was that until I started watching “old” horror movies I didn’t even know where the things I was afraid of as a child had come from.

Enter Puppet Master.

Yes. I was afraid of Puppet Master. Mostly these guys. These guys who are toys. Toys that are dam near exactly the size and thing that I was afraid of. Logically this shouldn’t bother me. But these toys make me feel like a sissy for a second each time I first look at them. Just the idea of the little guy running around with the knife and killing full grown adults. It’s just pure insanity.


Screenshot (106)Screenshot (107)Screenshot (108)Screenshot (109)This little Nazi B*#($$*%.

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