Beware of Perfect 5’s

For writers and readers, it’s often times viewed as a good get or see that something you are interested in has a 5-star review on Kindle. However, if you have 10 reviews, or even four reviews and no one has said one bad thing about your work as a new author you are dreaming. Even Stephen King gets bad reviews. 1 and 2-star reviews might only amount to 2-5 % of the reviews but those are the reviews that sometimes will sell a novel.

When all a book or movie has is perfect scores, or near perfect scores things look sketchy. Not everyone will like your book. Not everyone likes your movies. If you sit down to read a book with 20 reviews at 4 and 5 stars that book is either a great read or paid for reviews.

And that’s the sad/scary thing about reviews. We use them to make decisions. We lean on the opinions of others and trust creators to not generate fake reviews. Buying reviews is a cheap way to make yourself look good. But you can get reviews by giving away your book as an early release to book bloggers as well. You don’t have to lie to people by having every review be a 5 star review praising the wondrous new writer’s abilities.



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