Cute Pin Head’s? (Hellraiser)

I first saw this in a Barns and Nobel and had to take a second look to believe what I saw. 

Screenshot (100)Why are we doing this to ourselves?

Screenshot (101)Screenshot (102)

I wasn’t a fan of sparkly vampires. Glittering in the sun. Having teenage escapades. I don’t’ suspect that many of the readers here were either. But is that were all our mosters are heading?

Still, I’m not sure why we have these toys? It’s just the beginning. First vampires were made sexy, then they were made, docile.Now they are sexy good hearted lovers of our teenage girls. That’s ok. That’s fine. I can handle change.

But it surprises me that we are doing this to our horror icons. Cute Pin Head? Please no. Show me only the Pin Head of legend. The Pin Head who scared me as a child.

Who is buying these cute Pin Heads? Don’t they feel wrong? A betrayal of the brand? Maybe it’s just me being paranoid. Maybe in the 2070 remake Pin Head will fall in love with a high school girl who accidentally opens the puzzle box?

I am probably reading too far into things.

Screenshot (103)

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