Niume is a Waste of Time

I’ve seen bloggers going to Niume a lot lately because they used to pay (earlier this year) about a dollar per thousand views on your posts. This immediately gave the platform a good amount of traffic and transformed it into a swamp of like and leaves. People on Niume are following but not viewing other bloggers, they are liking posts but not viewing them, and they are shamelessly self promoting. That’s not to say you can’t do well on the platform but it is to say that the platform itself is flawed and a waste of time.

Screenshot (135).png

Above is a picture of some random samples I threw up there to prove a point. Most of my posts have tons of likes. The picture there on the right, has over 100 and the new book review I took from my blog and put onto Niume has gotten 25 likes in short period of time. However they both have drastically less views than they have likes.

That fact turns this platform into a very long winded form of twitter. It doesn’t drive traffic and it doesn’t give exposure because people aren’t viewing things. They are going on liking sprees trying to get you to look at their blogs.

I wrote this to hopefully keep bloggers from wasting time on this platform. I used it a big back in February and March to test it’s worth and it didn’t stand up. A post on Niume wont get you traffic or sales. A post on WordPress will at least get you some traffic if it’s good. That’s real traffic. People reading your work. Not people running around mashing likes.

Your thoughts on Niume? Do you love it? Let me know in the comments.


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