So You Want to Publish Your Book?

Great! Publish it. Do it. It’s not hard. Most people can figure out how to set up self-publishing. That’s why it strikes me as being very odd that people pay to have companies do their self-publishing.

Recently I spoke with Page Publishing about their program and how their system works. They charge about $3,000 to edit your story, slap on a cover, and put it in a bunch of online directories. When I spoke to them they didn’t make it sound like they charged for this. It almost felt like I was getting a book deal. “Hey we read your book and we really liked it!” (yeah I’m sure you like all of them). When it comes down to it when companies are charging you thousands of dollars just to get on their platform and don’t put any advertising behind you.
It’s rude. I might as well publish you. The result would be about the same.

On the plus side, they didn’t sugar coat it at the very end. They didn’t tell me that all or even most of their authors make money. They actually said that most authors make almost nothing and that it’s not about the money for most. It’s about being in print. Maybe in that way, they are helping authors.

Personally, I think “self-publishing houses” are unethical and are more or less just an editor that threw a cover on the book and maybe put up a website for you.

Your Thoughts?


  1. I’ve self-published a number of books. It takes a lot of effort to put one together but I enjoy it. This might not be for everyone. I am pretty good at editing and grammar and felt confident with my skills. Again, others may feel differently. Last, I just


  2. Oops, stopped too soon! Last, I just like to do things myself. And I came to the same conclusion you did about what benefits I’d get from someone else being involved, especially considering the cost (I published my books for free and pay when something sells). Overall, I get what I want,books in print, and I’m happy.

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    1. What really gets me is that these companies charge so much to help people realize a dream without there being a return. So that dream can become a nightmare as they sit and wait for a sale to come in.

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  3. There’s a great site called Preditors and Editors that keeps tabs on so called publishing companies who are only out to scam you. You really have to be on your A game at all times in the business. I want to go the traditional publishing route, but I know many writers will turn to indie because they offer support and help with marketing.


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