Clean Hands (The womb Book 1) Book REVIEW

I immediately did not like the first few paragraphs of Clean Hands because I thought it was going to be silly going forward. As it turned out I was wrong. Clean Handsd was actually quite interesting.

I’ve never read anything by Richard B. Knight  before but his writing style was solid. It’s quick and the story moves smoothly. The world is interesting. I’m not sure if the main character would be considered a god, or more so a muse of sorts that belongs to a group called the Archetypes.

Primarily there are 5 Archetypes. The two main characters in this story are Instinct and Imagination. It took a few chapters to get used to characters with this kind of a naming structure. Each Archetype also has its own color attribute and its own unique personality. Color played a popping role in this story which I first thought was a full novel when I sat down to read it.

Clearly, there is a larger more expanded universe in this world. I know there are more books in the series (I believe it’s “The Womb” series) and those are something that I think I’ll look into when I’m ready for new fantasy.

Not a horror story, although I did come across it while searching for Horror Stories on Kindle.


***SPOILER*** This story is interesting in it’s ending because it shows an outside influence crafting much of the modern Christian religion.


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