Horsemen Movie Review


This movie is OK. It’s not really scary but it does have elements of horror/suspense. You kinda wonder why people are killing and why these apparently young adults think that they are the four horsemen.There’s a lot of cliche stuff in there that you’ve seen in other movies. The does the typical  Cop investigating satanic stuff and then the whole Cop has a dead wife thing and neglects his kids. Which is fine. It drives the subplot of the cop trying to be a different person and be there for his kids. I always get the idea that this cops kid is part of it.

I’m watching this as I type this review actually. The horsemen are trying to initiate hell on earth apparently.

There’s a young Asian girl in the movie that’s going to make you want to turn up the volume because she talks really quiet. I feel like she’s good at English but she’s kinda forcing a weird Asian accent. She’s weirdly sexual towards the main character even though she supposedly hates her father for raping her. It’s really weird. It feels against the way humans typically work.

It’s not a bad movie. They’re all going to have their flaws. I like this movie’ ending is going to be worth watching for. Instead of enlisting the help of the full police force when the main character easily could do to solve a problem he’s going to go it alone because YEAH! movies! Still, I’m  enjoying it well enough. The story is well paced and it’s not gore porn which makes me happy.


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