Why I started writing on a tablet

I have been writing for years now and I only recently started really taking my writing seriously. I found that it’s really easy to type the same sentence 15 to 20 times just trying to get it the right kind of feel that is in your head. Is that can kind of slow you now they definitely used to slow me down quite a bit before I do my lunch dude right at once finish the paragraph and if I have to just do go back and redo it I’ll do it but usually it works or it needed to be room Smooths out to match what comes after it anyway so kind of messing with it didn’t really help. So what really helped me was when I learned how to use Text-to-Speech programs what you can on the tablet so I don’t know Windows tablet and especially in his blog posts I just use text to speak just like using voice to text on your phone.

This is upped my volume for writing quite a bit because sometimes my hands hurt and other times I’m not in sitting in an area where I have a place to set my laptop time really tight but with my tablet I’m able to just talk and I now spend a lot of time sitting in a room talking to myself. Actually I can do more now. On a good day I can do about a thousand words in an hour and a good of talking to myself. When I edit that steam on thoughts I often exand it quickly to 1500 or 2000 words.

Another reason I like typing on a tablet and using a tablet in general is just because I found it with the tablet I’m able to lower the amount of screen that I see so I seem less and focus more on the section that I’m in instead of looking through and seeing other parts of the story and working on.

The mobility of the tablet is really helpful because I move around alot and I have three big dogs and being able to just lift up my tablet and I move my tablet or lift it up and keep talking I’ll do what I need to do you keep working on what I’m working on is a lot more quick and efficient with a tablet than it was with my laptop.

Surprisingly using the tablet made everything better because a text to speak that I use on it. When I speak I mess up some words so you’ll notice is on my blog post it will say cuz instead of because and that’s something I have to go back and fix but it also will do more run on sentences and I will miss periods and some punctuation. This is okay this is actually a good thing. I know these things are there and I know what I’m looking for and sometimes it will turn words into completely different things and I have to go back to my story and figure out what I was even trying to say. If I can’t figure out what I was trying to say is I know my reader wouldn’t have been able to anyway. Even if the right words had been there.


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