Some thoughts on writing horror

I don’t think of my writing, especially my horror writing, as being a horror when I write it. When I read something that’s fantasy or something that is Syfy I know that I’m writing fantasy or sci-fi right from the beginning and in all of my writing horror at some point does seep in or at least many parts of the horror genre.

I’ll start writing a story and a usually starts with me liking a character or me liking you for just a situation where there’s two people talking or a guy putting on glasses and I feel like I have a really good way of showing that and that’s how the story starts. Then as I’m pulling kind of from the group of ideas I have floating in my mind of different stories I want to do the character of Vols into the person who’s taking part in the story lines and the way the story unfolds is determined by the character that was developed and place in the situation. Many of my stories don’t start with an ending. I know a lot of writers say to start with an ending in then work our way back but to me is story is mostly about the journey and not the ending I try to think more about that when I’m running the story I like my ending to be ambiguous even to myself until I reach that point and if when I reach that point I need to go back and rewrite the entire work that’s okay.

Sometimes it’s halfway through the story that I realized what needs to happen and why that that needs to be the ending but they’re headed towards because it’s the only inevitable end characters can reach. This works a lot better and short stories than it does in long form writing especially horror because you have is a monster you need to have some way to kill that monster or an origin. A lot of things can be added later as long as you have solid characters it’s hot here cuz all that you can handle details that weed up to later parts near events by going back and editing them in and adding a little nuances that kind of make them pop up.

I really like to see if a story is good or scary by telling my wife about it and then seeing if she cringes at the idea of certain things in the story. She’s a bit squeamish and I know she doesn’t like bugs are rodents so I know what points kind of push her buttons but other things that I personally wouldn’t find scary she does find scary. I have a friend I like to talk to who’s kind of a shut-in and just finding out what may soon feel awkward and what pushes his buttons makes him feel fear fuel tent that really helps for kind of reaching into the introvert in all of us.

The end of the day I primarily write scary stories. To me they’re not scary to me their stories about characters that are in situations that I find interesting. I hope that other people find an interesting as well.



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