Why Authors Choose Kindle Unlimited

As an author on Kindle you have the option of opting into Kindle Select to have your book placed into the Kindle Unlimited program. In the self-publishing industry, this is a major discussion point for authors because really both options are good. If you don’t opt in you can list your book on any other website for sale. If you do opt into Kindle Select you can only host your ebook on Kindle.

Why focus on one distributor for selling your book when you could have an umbrella of publishers?

Focus on One Platform

By focusing on one publishing location you are driving traffic and reviews to only one location. This is a lot easier to do, especially as a new author than it is to get reviews for your books on five or six other platforms at once. What you lack in diversity of platform you gain in the dedication to one platform. Many authors enroll in Kindle Select to grow their reviews and build their kindle platform before removing their book from the Kindle Select program (taking the book out of Kindle Unlimited) when they have a more established platform to launch on other eBook distributor systems like Nook.


Kindle Unlimited Page Reads

Another major reason for joining the Kindle Select program as a writer is that you are paid per page for readers in the Kindle Unlimited program. The readers of Kindle Unlimited might only read 50 pages of your book but if you can get 500 people to do that you can feasibly make more off a popular book on Kindle Unlimited than if you sold it the 50 people willing to read an equal amount of pages from purchasing your 99 cent or 1.99 eBook. There are authors who make more off Kindle Unlimited than full eBook sales because their platform is geared towards selling to Kindle Unlimited readers.



The competition on Kindle Unlimited is less than that of a normally published Kindle book. The playing field is lessened because major publishers haven’t fully embraced the Kindle Unlimited program. Your main competition is going to be another self-published author opposed to Stephen King.

More Reviews

A kindle unlimited reader is more likely to leave a review based on statistics from a survey done by Written Word Media. Reviews can make or break a novel’s success. Even if you only enrolled in Kindle Unlimited to get your initial reviews you could potentially be doing yourself a long term favor.

Are you an author? What platforms are you publishing on? Share your books or comments in the comment section below. Let’s have a conversation!

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  1. I’ve been toying with the Idea of Kindle Unlimited for when I eventually have something ready to publish. This has been some useful context, particularly about pay per pages read. And, of course reviews. I had heard reviews on Amazon are the best (legitimate) way to increase your rankings. This was helpful. Thank you

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    1. Your welcome. It surprises me that there are authors on Kindle who will not use Kindle Unlimited because they want full price for a book. But I feel like Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle store are different customer bases. Also, some Kindle Unlimited readers like the books enough to buy them after reading them so you can potentially get paid twice if they really like your book. It’s an interesting concept. I see a lot of people pulling out over the whole, Kindle Unlimited scam that keeps happening with people making page turning farms. Silly really.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think Click farms are as much of a negative to Kindle Unlimited as people are making them out to be. Sure they are bad and need to be dealt with but I know people pulling out of Kindle all together over them. Yet others are ignoring them and still finding success.

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