More book marketing now means less marketing later

Marketing is a long game plan. It’s not throwing out a couple of long post and expecting sales to just rain in on your book or whatever product you have. It’s not one tweet that makes a business successful or book successful in this case. Marking takes time and the way marketers figure out how best to spend their time is by looking at metrics. So because 50% of my readers are WordPress users on to use WordPress as a good example.

Intel based on my traffic flow on my website and what WordPress tells me but that 25% of my traffic comes from Twitter. 50% comes from WordPress reader. The rest comes from links people who have signed up for my email list and Google and Bing searches. I’ve gotten about an even number of hits from Google and from Bing.

I’m using the free version of WordPress. Still, using the free version of WordPress I can see wh which of my articles are doing well and which are not at all and by looking at this I can tell what kind of contact is bringing people to my website and what kind of content is driving them away or making them uninterested.

For instance I had an article that got six minutes in one day on a brand new blog that had no followers. I knew that was an article and I knew I make more looks like that cuz it would help to grow the number of people who are interested in what I have to say.

On the other hand I had another article I wrote that Harley got anything it. Two clicks on it from the WordPress reader, 0 retweets on Twitter and I got zero Twitter traffic from it. I changed the title I tried it again with the same article few weeks later and it didn’t do well again. I looked at the article and I still thought it was interesting so I tried it with a third title I’ve heard out there again and I took a fourth title and put it on another block to see if maybe it wasn’t supposed to needed a different audience or if it was mostly a title thing and I change the image as well to see if it was in title image time problem.

None of the above. The problem as a whole was that people were not interested and what the article is about. So as I learn by doing more posting and testing what people are interested in I can create better content overtime. As I create more content I have more people to see all the content because I gain more of the following as time goes. Then because I’m gaining more real following I’m producing better content people like than can create less content because my time is focused on good content that I have more time for writing the actual books that I want to write and sell.

With a good base and a blonde performing up actually bring in interest parties I can get more done without having to worry about if I’m going to get sales because of the beginning I will have put in the work I will build a base of operations. Running the marketing and running the test to see what I can do to find out what interest people and give them the really look at my content opposed other people’s is going to grow any more long-term but you’re more work on it in the short-term. I would have my blog for 10 hours a week for a year and then ramping that down to one hour week for the remainder of the time that I have the blog I’m going to get more of that Blog then if I did 3 hours a week for the next 10 years. About two huge time difference when you look at it over that amount of time. When I say 10 hours I mean 10 hours writing contact or taking a look on metrics and seeing what content is good we’re doing research and how to make more content. Do not do this whole time. To make one on top I use a speech to talk program which helps me to generate more content faster. I also look at a lot of what other people are doing cuz if it’s working for someone else it’s going to work for you. When you do that just have to change it and make it your own.

In five years if I follow this model and I continue to build a Blog and build content based on what I’ve seen come from others and read about in books and articles and other people’s success this should work.

I write fiction. Here are 3 free shorts for your enjoyment.

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