My favorite author

My favorite author is Clive Barker. Why was a kid I saw the Hellraiser movie and I thought it was just disgusting. I didn’t like it at all. it was the farthest from things that I enjoy that you could probably get at the time. It wasn’t until I found the book the hell down heart which hellraiser was based on that really started to like Clive Barker.

His work was a thing that ripened with age. A lot of hus work is graphic and includes heavy sexual connections and violence and mutilation. I was never into that until I read the Hellbound heart and then I saw the deeper meeting of what Clive Barker was going for. The Hellbound heart really opened up my mind to what horror could be and how to do gratitous scenes tastefully.

I know there’s a lot of people out there who really enjoy Clive Barker’s work that’s why he’s been as successful as he is with books and with movies and until I read his work on it like there was really a market for that. Especially that there was a market for people who wanted to create things in the kind of weird fiction area that I really liked and I was creating without having really found his kind of books.

One thing that I always find in Clive Barker’s worth I really enjoy his it the monsters are typically not the bad guys. Clive Barker’s in to turn things on the head and say look at humans we are terrible. Maybe not all of us but a lot of us are and he shows kind of the depths of Cruelty that humanity can reach.


Who’s your favorite author?



  1. Richard, Have you ever read the early work of his Weave-world. I read it when I was about 20 and it held me spellbound! I also might have seen Clive Barker in a student mime troupe playing a Liverpool University when I was about 15 or 16…. I didn’t know it was him until a mutual friend from Birkenhead (i think they were at school together(?) told me, some years later, he was in this play they did caled Dog Days of Sodom(?). If it was him pretty cool!

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  2. Look, it’s long time ago but from what I remember it is superb…. however I might just remember it as superb because I was a lot younger! It has stayed with me my whole life and in fact when writing Thomas the Rhymer I homaged Barker… instead of a world contained in a (well that would be telling) I had memories contained in a tapestry (it also fits in with the Inca mnemonic quipo knot system). It is great that your post brought Clive Barker to mind again after all these years. So thanks for that Richard. Best regards Paul

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  3. “Weaveworld”, “Imagica”, “The Great And Secret Show”, “The Damnation Game” and “Coldheart Canyon” –Barker does some great work, particularly on the cusp of Horror and Dark Fantasy.


  4. Clive Barker, great and secret show with the follow up of Everville was my introduction to him. I read afterwards Cabal and introduced my fianceé to him through Aberat buddy reads that we did together. I am still waiting on hearing when the follow up stories are gonna come out, cuase I believe there is still 3 to come. Also, have you ever heard of Graham Masterton? He wrote Tengu and I was fascinated by it.

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  5. I really love stephen king, I really love how long his books are I feel like everything is so developed. Sometimes I get annoyed and want to skim a page or two but overall I am never disappointed.
    I was looking for something new and searched Hellraiser here looking for reviews. I am worried after seeing the movies, the books will be boring to me. How close are they storywise? Most of the time the writing so much better, but I am nearing the end of my summer and really want to get as many good books in as I can. Before I have to go back to British literature of the 17th century in college!


    1. The Hellbound Heart is the story they used for Hellraiser 1. There are a few minor differences but it’s a fairly accurate adaptation. The book itself is a really good read and actually adds context to the movie. It’s far more about pleasure and fulfillment of ones desires than the movie is because you can see more of what the characters are feeling.

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