American Horror Story – Asylum – season 2 Review

Season 2-

Aliens! Wait, really? I wasn’t expecting aliens this season but Alrighty here we go!

This season felt more like a suspense story to me than straight horror. Possibly a long episode of the X-files from the people who Mulder and Scully would normally investigate being the main characters. This season lingered a bit on racism and the roles of women, it almost felt like it was trying to be political (which is usually a turnoff for me).

I think this season was scarier in a sense of, wow I wouldn’t want to be stuck in there, more so than it was in the was that season one was scary. Season one they could leave the house. There always was that way out. Here there really wasn’t a good way out. Everyone wanted out of the asylum but they were stuck in a world of corruption.

This season really didn’t do it for me. The wife loved it. But sometimes I think she just likes moving pictures. I felt like there was just too much going on and too many things that at the end of the day I didn’t care about. However it was nice to see the story of a sinner who became a nun, fall back into being a sinner, and then find redemption for her awful ways and be helped by someone she put through hell. That little bit made the story come full circle.



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  1. Just so you’re aware, you’ve misspelled “Asylum” in your review title, and have misspelled Scully’s name (from the X-Files) in the body of the review 🙂 Keep an eye out for simple typos like this, lest people not take you seriously as a reviewer.

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  2. I really like AHS, but this one hit a little too close to home for me. My grandmother spent some time in a psych hospital and became little more than a zombie. She took a handful of pills a day and just zoned out all day. It was disturbing to see that their portrayal of the asylum was quite accurate for that time period. The coat hanger scene was truly horrific.

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    1. It was a fairly horrific scene. I have been on medicine that made me into a zombie before. It’s like being locked away with absent thought and no motivation or cares.


      1. Thankfully things have improved dramatically when it comes to treating mental illness. It’s not perfect, but it’s nowhere near as abusive as before.

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  3. Favourite season. Watching Cult now and it is so messed up, going to stick with it though. Watched them all but Hotel, couldn’t handle Hotel at all.

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