American Horror Story Coven – Review – Season 3

Season 3 –

Season 3 was a bit slow to start for me. I really liked all the magic and how it kind of hadamerican horror story coven review a whole new world feel to it. It seemed less dark than the past two seasons because it was in a school opposed to a haunted house or an asylum. A refreshing change. Two characters are essentially immortal and that makes for some interesting circumstances.

The most redeeming factors of this season I thought was it’s connection to the real world including Steve Nicks. The plight of teenage girls didn’t really do it for me but I did like the almost redemption of the immortal former slave plantation owner.

In the end, this season was entertaining and had a lot going for it but I felt like it really missed out on things that could have made it truly horrific. It never really scared me like season 1 did. I did squirm when the headmaster of the school cut her own eyes out.

download (8)At some point, everyone in this season is evil or vengeful. I liked that but the battle between the coven and the voodoo group and the insertion of the witch hunters with their weird half developed organization didn’t really get me excited for anything and at the end of the day the ending was pretty predictable.


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