American Horror Story Reveiw – Season 1

I’ve heard a lot about American Horror Story and always thought no, it’s can’t be very good. A horror TV show just sounded awful. Then I found out that each season is a different story, that peaked my interest. Then my wife wanted to watch and that turned into her and I streaming until about 3 am and neither of us wanting to go downstairs to check the dryer.

Season 1-

I went is thinking this was going to be stupid. I thought I had the ending callebe35f777f296df5611a6d1416f2df68f--american-horror-story-seasons-american-horror-storiesd before we were halfway through the first episode. Then about three episodes in I was questioning my previous thoughts. The story was complex and told in a way that made me keep asking questions. 

I was disappointed when I found out that Evan Peters character had been dressing in the leather suit and killing people. Up until the big reveal that he was the main spirit killing people in the house I was really hoping there would be a different spirit. A spirit that was the primary killer spirit. But it made more sense that the murderous teenager would be the killer.

The reveal that the daughter killed herself was awesome. I didn’t see it coming.

Overall this season was dark and scary. I feel like anyone watching should be able to connect with at least one of the characters in the story. The ending was probably my favorite part. I like dark morbid endings. I like them even better when everyone dies but it’s somehow good for everyone. Their family was dissolving and they all seem happier in death than in life (the family that died in this season, not the ghosts that were trapped there).

My only gripe with this story is how long it took the parents to realize the house was haunted. It felt fairly obvious something was amiss.


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