American Horror Story Freak Show – Season 4 review

Season 4 –

My initial thoughts? Fuck this season. Awful. Hated the first 2 episodes because I was bored and I didn’t care about the clown or Dandy. I started to like the clown just before he was killed off. Then I started to like Dandy before his whining got so far out of control that it was like watching Kilo Ren. Or maybe Kilo was inspired by Dandy….

I appreciate how crappy everyone’s lives are in this season. Almost like in season 2. Theydownload (4) are essentially trapped in a madhouse but in this scenario, they can leave but choose not to because that mad house is their home. I think this is mirrored very well with having Elsa and Jimmy Darling both play main characters again.

The inclusion of Dot from season 2 was awesome. It made the story feel like everything might be happening in a shared universe. Still, it didn’t scare me like season 1 did.

download (3)This season harps on the racism and the same not belonging themes that every season apparently has to talk about in this show. It lays it down pretty hard at times.

I was very thrown off when Neil Patrick Harris’s character showed up and stole the show for a few episodes, killing off the freak collectors assistant. Then Dandy sweeps into kill everyone and then dies himself. Interesting but not the most exciting.

I loved that the grifter, Stanley was basically turned into Meep after Meep was killed. Made sense. Although I still wonder was was so different or special about his penis (so does my wife). His assistant was killed which was cool and they both got what they deserved but Stanley was so deceptive telling people they’d get their own TV shows and so boring while doing it that I didn’t believe anyone would believe him and I got bored with the storyline he was presenting.

I liked it when Elsa died. It seemed right. I wanted Jimmy to die too. It’s too bad he didn’t. He hasn’t had a sad ending since season 1.


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