The Addiction Demon- What is it? American Horror Story

The Addiction Demon – American Horror story

The Addiction Demon is a figure that appears at the Hotel Cortez. According to the ghost of James March, the Addiction Demon was created by Sally and numerous other drug addicts that frequented the Hotel Cortez. Because so many people were using the Hotel Cortez as a place to fulfill their addictive needs the addiction demon was created.

The addiction demon looks like a skinny man with super thin almost translucent skin. It only wears one item of clothing, which is a drill like strap on dilldo. The demon has no eyes and appears to mostly exist in the story as a constant threat to the character Sally.

James March once said to Sally, “This demon that you and your kind have conjured with your diseased acts must feed. If not on others, then on you, dear Sally.”

James March was using this demon to keep Sally under his thumb so that she could do his bidding around the hotel. The demon would rape her if allowed to.

A few points in the series you see the demon actually rape people. At the beginning of the season that’s one of the first things you see is the demon raping people. It gives the impression that it’s going to be a bigger part of the story than it is. However the demon plays a larger role as a consistent threat and motivator.

It is never explained how James March has the ability to control the demon. The demon does however seem to be Sally’s punishment in death for having given into her addictions in life.


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