ROI on Book Marking Activities

I’ve done some online marketing before. So blogging and generating traffic wasn’t wholly new to me. But I realize that most writers don’t know where they are wasting their time if they haven’t had any marketing experience.

I obsess over statistics. Especially ROI, return on investment. To make it simple, what do I get from what I’m doing. As example. I am trying to grow an email list so I put free stories on my blog. 0 Subscribers after 1 week. So I made three book covers for them. I’m averaging a subscriber a day and now 1 drop off a month. That was about 4 hours worth of work for 1 subscriber a day. Not bad. My blog now directs people to that page. I won’t know the true ROI on my time until I send out my next book and as my list to purchase a free copy.

I used to get on Facebook pages and post articles when I was wore out and done writing for the day. I now know that doesn’t help. The number of hits on my blog didn’t go up enough to justify listing my posts. However, posting on Reddit did give me more clicks on a regular basis.

To see if I could get more traffic and more email list subscribers or blog followers I started to auto schedule posts on twitter which took a good amount of time. I now get about 1/4th of my traffic from twitter. That’s great. I’m doing good on twitter. If it turned out I was getting nothing from my Twitter account I’d stop tweeting and find another way to get attention.

Marketing is a lot more simple than what it seems. Do something, track the results. If it works do it more. if it doesn’t pivot into something different.

As example my best article was one about the Cenobites from Hellraiser. But I didn’t really get a lot of blog followers and I got 0 email subscribers from that post. I got traffic but they weren’t interested in books (even though Pin Head was first in a book and the book is better and I’ll stop there.) However I do know that most people who really like horror movies also read horror books. Maybe I just didn’t focus on the right kind of horror. Two of the free stories on my blog are works of cosmic horror. So I did some more cosmic horror works. I got about 1/10th of the reads as I did with my cenobites post. But those are the posts that started generating subscribers to my email list.

ROI depends on goals. If all I wanted was traffic I’d talk about Hellraiser all day and honestly I’d probably love it. Instead I’m focusing more on Lovecraftian works (cosmic horror) and Kindle Unlimited book reviews. (Kindle Unlimited because I’m going to be selling to that crowd ideally).

My posts about writing have done well. Especially the one where I asked 5 authors for their success tips. I learned a lot and I helped others. Giving back almost always has a positive ROI.

I know from my previous business that giveaways generally have good ROI and drum up some good buzz so I am working on setting up some giveaways on my Facebook page and my blog in the future.

I don’t know if this kind of a post is helpful. A lot of it is what I’ve done and why I’ve done it and the results. let me know in the comments if it’s the kind of things you don’t want to see and I’ll keep these thoughts to myself. These kind of book marking ramblings seem to be hit and miss. Although they do help me focus my thoughts.


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