Writing Success Mindset

I saw this question proposed in a FaceBook group I frequent and I was quite surprised by the response, “If you had the opportunity to leave a legacy behind in your writing that everyone would remember, what would that legacy be?”

There wasn’t a huge backlash against this question. But there should be. It’s not a question of IF you have the ability to live something be hind it’s a question of what are you leaving behind. Everyone has a legacy. If you want some grand legacy you need to work hard to create good work. The highly successful people in this world didn’t get where they are by waking up and saying, “If I could just sell some more,” or “Gosh if I could just be successful,” they wake up and say I AM GOING TO DO IT.

That’s what you need to do. That’s what I need to do. That’s what I am doing. But that’s not the response I am seeing in the writing community online. I’m seeing more and more of the I wish I could I wish I could attitude. It’s a view of the world as a place where IF I COULD leave a legacy instead of THIS IS the legacy I am leaving or I AM GOING to leave a legacy. As writers we should all know that how you say something matters. It’s about how you internalize your own thoughts. IF I COULD really means that you can’t. I’M GOING TO or I WILL excludes failure.

It’s mindset.


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