Being a Writer is Being an Entrepreneur

I had a business back in 2015. We were around for about a year before we went under. My business partner and I nearly lost our wives (because we literally worked all day every day neglecting everything else in our lives) and if we’d made another mistake or two we’d have each likely lost our homes. I can’t help but see the connection between writers and entrepreneurs. Were building a product to sell.

That’s why I still read books about business. I read books about content marketing and about how to grow sales online. I absorbs talks about motivation and keeping with it through the hardships. Because I’m in this to the end. I want this just as much as I wanted my old business to work. Currently I spend about a quarter of my writing time on my blog because it’s a platform. I’m building content. I have content scheduled that will go out at various time in the next year that relate to events I think people will search for. To build an audience of people who are interested in things similar to what I am writing and planning on releasing at those times.

I constantly test to see what kind of posts attract viewers and what kind of posts do nothing. Why?

Because when I post my book I want to have a network. I want to have content that will draw in people and then say, by the way look at this. Will that sell more books? Based on all the other writers I’ve spoken with and read about, yes.

I believe I’ve said some of this before. I’m going to say it a few more times in the next few years I’m sure. It’s how I keep myself on track to turn this from a hobby to a lifestyle.

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    1. Following the news. If it’s popular on the news, about horror, and I do a post the post does better because there is buzz. Interviewing other authors about success has done very well.


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