Some Facts on Pennywise? (IT)

With the movie coming out soon I thought I’d do a quick article or two about Ol’Pennywise the killer clown. This first post is just a few interesting facts about Pennywise that helps to sort of explaining the monster. IT (Pennywise) has some really simple motivations and those motivations I think make it scarier more so than the actions it takes. I love it when the reason is more terrifying than the act.

  1. IT (Pennywise) hibernates for some 25-30 years and wakes up during some horrible catastrophe or act of violence.
  2. It assumes the form of anything it wants, in order to terrify human beings, especially children, whose fears are easy to manifest. (Reasons for scaring people explained later)
  3. But its most common disguise is a clown carrying balloons that float against the wind.
  4. At one point the monster comes to the Character Bill disguised as Count Dracula with razor blades for teeth and starts biting into its own lips just to horrify Bill.
  5. The IT creature thinks humans taste better when they are terrified. Making it’s torture or scaring of people really just like you or I adding salt or ketchup to our fries.
  6. IT appears as a spider because it’s the most common fear of humans. (Personally, I would have thought it’d be snakes)


I like Pennywise. I think he’s an interesting monster. I expect that in the new movie the lore around him will be expanded a little and we will get to know more. That’d be great. Although IT being simply a being that wants to scare kids to make them states better because it evolved to have humans as it’s primary food source is good enough for me.

I haven’t read the book in its entirety. I like the monster and the movie but I’m not 100% sure I’ve ever finished Steven Kings Novels. His short story collections are great. I finish those. But then, we all have different tastes.

I don’t just Blog about great horror, I write too! Find some here!


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