IT – Movie Review – 1990

This movie seemed confusing to me as a child. This movie was made for TV as a mini series. I’ve only ever seen it shown as one solid piece. This book is 30 years old now and still relevant.

The movie is about how seven kids who over power an evil creature that comes back 27 years later and they have to defeat it again. This movie has everyone enter by a series of phone calls that introduces each character. The cast is quite sizeable. They all have a flash back to being a child with every call.

The beginning of this Movie is about the characters as children. The experience they had dealing with Pennywise and how they conquered this beast. I never realized that it was Tim Curry in the mask. Although as soon as I read about it I couldn’t figure out how I didn’t see it under the makeup. I like Tim Curry.

It was kind of surprising to me that the movie killed off a young boy fairly quickly. I really liked the way that the movie slowly showed you the characters remembering their past. The very first half of this movie is pretty much flashbacks. I felt more attached to the characters as children than as adults.

This creatures, IT, is very Lovecraftian. There’s never an explanation for Pennywise. I’ve read some theories of Pennywise being some kind of a great old one and I really like that idea.

I am glad that in the movie there’s not the weird sex between all the kids at the end but the TV movie does include enough of the books sexual themes are developed well.

I like the spider. I think that it’s a good final form or form in general. There’s not a lot of other creatures so universally feared as spiders.

I’ve got big hopes for the new movie. I think it’s going to be as good if not better.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

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  1. I loved the 90s version of IT ever since it came on TV. I certainly preferred the Kids story, though perhaps that was more to do with the fact I was younger at the time and found it more relatable. Either way, thoroughly enjoyable

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