Is Pennywise an Old One?

I saw this theory online and I wanted to share it with you.

I think it’s an interesting idea that Pennywise could be an Old One. One of the ancient cosmic entities that H.P. Lovecraft wrote about. It’s a great idea because Pennywise goes to sleep for long periods of time (like the old ones) and he is a mysterious being without explanation (like all things Lovecraft).

Pennywise takes different forms and feeds on children. he says that scared children taste better which is an interesting idea. He can taste fear or the chemicals released when we feel fear. This allows your imagination to run wild. Without an explanation for IT other than the facts that it feeds about every 30 years we are left to wonder.

Is Pennywise an Old One? Probably not. Is the story  Lovecraftian? Yeah, It’s got some elements of cosmic horror. If we knew a little more we could probably theorize more about IT. But then, that is the mystery of Pennywise.

I also write cosmic horror. You can read it here.


  1. Interesting hypothesis! I think someone could definitely make that case. Probably they’d point to the fact that The Tommyknockers came out in 1987, while It came out in 1986; in TK, King went just about full-tilt sci-fi (with elements of horror, of course), so it’s not a stretch to say he was dabbling with sci-fi while writing It. I’ve not read TK since back then, when I knew little to nothing about Lovecraft, but someone who has could probably make a much better case of it.

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