The Call of the Harbinger – Book Review

B01N47L205The Call of the Harbinger is a Novella by Allen White. It’s a quick read that you can get done in one sitting. Overall I did enjoy the story.

What did I like? The scope and the scale of the story. It’s an event that spans a long period of time and having it condensed into a novella can make it a bit harder to gain a connection with the characters.

Allen also writes the story with **** star page breaks when chapters may have been a better choice. I discucced it with him in an interview you can find here. I understand why he chose to do so. It speaks to the speed and scope of the story. I think that it shows the story as being more like one large event. Breaking up the book like this might seem confusing to some readers at first but in the end it works.

Overall, I did enjoy the book. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have finished it. I generally think books could be shorter but in this case i wouldn’t have minded it being longer. Which I feel like is a good thing. If everything were fully flushed out it would lose the cosmicism that it has.

I have an interview of Allen White that I did here.

You can find the book here.

If you are interested in my writings you can find some here.

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