Concrete Chaos

51lMUzHeDlL._AC_US218_I picked up this book because of the cover. Because look at it! It’s gorgeous! Also it was free. So double win.

This is not my kind of book. This is not my prefered kind of story and I am not even going to talk about the characters because honestly they weren’t something I enjoyed either.

This book feels like an anime. The cover gives it that look. It does that very well. If I was interested in a book of this style, I would enjoy it. If i liked to read magna, I would have liked it. I like anime, but genreally watch it while doing other things and I am very picky.

This isn’t a review. If you think the cover is cool and the story sounds interesting you shoudl pick up the book yourself. I honestly didn’t finish it.

I just really liked the way it was displayed. At the start of each chapter theres a little motorcycle shadow image that reminds you what you are reading. A fast pace rollercoaster ride of WTF MOTORCYCLE FUTURE STUFF ACTION.


I love talking about books and writing them aswell. You can find my writings here.

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