Book Update – Cabals of Blood

I have an upcoming book called Cabals of Blood. It is a collection of Lovecraftian style stories of cosmic horror. The book will contain over 20 short stories and flash fiction and will be published on Amazon Kindle with a paper back option to follow. Ideally this book will go live on Oct 31st.Screenshot (164)

I’ve been working on this collection and the 3 books I have planned to company it in the same world since April when I started blogging about writing. The inspiration for these works comes from me reading a lot of horror, cosmic horror, and weird fiction for years. I really like the stranger darker side of things and exploring science in new ways.

I have a group of people who have signed up to be ARC readers and the book has been sent out.

I’m really excited about this. If your on my email list, most the stories are in the same vein as the ones I give away for free (which are also included in the collection). My goal is to use this collection to start writing series in the same fictional reality.

Thank you for your support in reading my blog and thanks to those of you who have talked with me on Twitter, Facebook, or here as well. This whole experience has been wonderful and I look forward to publishing more books and interacting with the author community online more.

Preorders are available here.


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