How to Find Motivation and Support as an Author

As far as motivation and finding support go I see a lot of new authors posting questions on social media and on writing websites saying that they don’t feel like they have the support of their friends and family. They can’t get their friends to read their books or their friends don’t seem interested in their books. Some have friends that discourage them. When I first started writing a lot and producing works I thought more people would be interested to. This realization, that the world doesn’t care, stops a lot of authors.

There’s a solution for all of your problems. A quick fix for everyone who doesn’t believe in you. This article might come off as harsh to some. But there are support

Realize that no one should believe in you and you shouldn’t need anyone to. That might sound mean but it’s the truth! Typically no one care what you are doing until you are successful. No one cared about J.K. Rowling until Harry Potter was a success. If she’d walked up to any random stranger on the street and said she wrote a book about a boy wizard they’d have likely dismissed her because “it’s been done before”.

Why does someone need to believe in you? Don’t you believe in you?

Don’t you think your work is worth completing?

Why would your friend be interested in your novel? Maybe your close friend doesn’t really like reading as much as you think.

That’s okay. No one should believe in you for the sake of believing in you.

Instead you should believe in yourself and your work.

Build an author platform and find your audience. The people in your life that aren’t reading your books can still be your family and your closest friends but they don’t have to be your fans. Like it or not as an author you are selling something. You are selling a book. People will react to that the same way they react to you selling them anything else. They will pull back because at the end of the day it will cost them time and money and those are two things most people wont relinquish lightly.

As you work and meet people in the industry you will get fans. As you push through the bullshit feelings we all have when we publish a book you will find people who actually want to read the types of things you are writing. Start a blog, you’ll get some followers, you will feel better. You will know people have read your work. Talk to other authors about writing. Find people locally or online that are at the same point you are and you will have a community to support you.

As a writer you are facing the same problems every entrepreneur faces. No one believes in you. No one cares what you are doing. They don’t need to. You don’t need them. All you need is your own power of belief. Worrying about the approval of others is only going to slow you down.

I have found that friends are interested for about 3 minutes before we need to talk about something of mutual interests. My wife can listen to me talk about my books for about 10 minutes a day before she’s tired of hearing about it all the time and tired of me toiling away on word documents instead of spending more quality time with her. She wants my success but she doesn’t read the kind of books I write. So why would I expect her to? Why would I expect someone with no interest in bugs or dung beetles to be happy to sit through a four hour documentary about dung beetles? I wouldn’t.

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