5 Reasons Authors Should Use Twitter

  1. Usability. I think Twitter is the most fluid Social Media to use, everything is real time. If you post too much on twitter, people might not even see it. It’s also, because of the high traffic of posts, a great place to test what resonates with your target audience. All you have to do is tweet or search tweets and you have a conversation.
  2. Connecting. If I am an author on twitter I can sit and watch the #AuthorConfessions tweets roll in all day and talk to a dozen people about 50 random things all from my phone. You could probably do this on Facebook too but to do so you’d have to join groups. This way I am finding other authors that I like and talking to them. I learn something, they learn something, we both grow our networks.
  3. Soap box. If you want a social media soap box to stand on and scream your message, use twitter. At a certain point, about 4-500 people you’re following, there’s no way you are going to see all the posts that come up in a day. Most frequently used Twitter accounts have so much traffic they aren’t going to notice or be annoyed by you posting 10 times in one hour. To test this I used an auto scheduler to post every 5 minutes for 300 tweets. I gained about 30 followers that day with no other activity from me. I lost 7 followers that day.
  4. Direct Messages. I use Crowdfire and Hootsuite. Hootsuite because I do other things and it’s easier to view all of the mess of things I’m doing at once. I use Crowdfire because of the Direct Messages I can automate with it. I use it to invite people to come read my work for free. I use this to build my email list. I know a lot of people hate automated messages. I try to respond to every message about books/writing on my account.
  5. Shareabiltiy. Twitter has a user base that has a culture of sharing tweets they agree with or find interesting. Maybe it’s just me, but I find a lot more people sharing other peoples content on Twitter than I do on facebook or anywhere else. When someone retweets me their followers see it. Even if I have an account with 50 followers, if an account with 50,000 followers retweets it, by network just exploded.  This can cause a chain reaction. I once found an account that had 1 million followers and the girl who ran it was retweeting cat pictures that day. So I took some cute pictures of my cat and tagged her on it when I posted it. It was timed well enough to get her to retweet it and poof, I got 30,000 impressions on that picture in about 20 seconds of work.  They weren’t targeted and they weren’t really the type that would follow me so it didn’t matter. But it rammed home a point to me that even if my follower count is low, if the right few people see my Tweet, my network can have the power of one ten times it’s size.


Do you like twitter? Do you use twitter? I love twitter. Connect with me at @Richard_Klu_

I also have some works here for free if you are interested in my writing.

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  1. I do use twitter, but not a lot. But that’s probably because my blog has so far purely been a project intended as a hobby, and not to turn into something really professional. Still, I do like twitter and enjoy it quite a bit. Totally agree about it being a great medium 😀

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