Anaphora – V – Short Story

Anaphora is the use of a word early in a sentence to avoid repetition. In rhetoric is it used at the beginning of successive clauses. I learned about this in a writing group. I’ve done it many times, I think it can be used to set tone and rhythm quite well.

Below is my attempt at using V as the first letter of every sentence of a short story/flash fiction. I like doing letter or word based skill tests now and again to expand the way I think about a letter or sentence.


V – Violent Vibrant – V

Vibrant beams of violet violated his senses. Virtually all that could be seen was violated. Vixens, once pure, were debased before the alters. Victor moved around the edges of the room. Vibrations of the hollowed screams of the fallen eviscerate the still purity of once sacred air. Virtue and honor were lost as men and women were tortured all around Victor. Victors mind wonder beyond his corporeal body wondering how he’d found such a blighted place.
Violence brought death and death brought the violence of the violet peninsula of hell and it’s horrid sights. Vickie, his once wife, was there, debased and skewered against a wall. Vickie’s face a far off image that faded from him. Vickie had brought such joy at first site, but this place could not allow that. Victor wondered into the endless void. Victory brought violence brought death and tainted their souls. Viewing this place shook Victor to his soul. Visual overload was his first response, viscous pain followed, continued, and forever, persisted.


Do you have a letter you like? Or perhaps a word?


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