Popular Reading Hashtags for Twitter

Knowing what tag’s to use to find other readers, or to find readers for your books is important. Here’s a short list of popular tags to help you out.

  1. #(genre) – #horror or #suspense or #romance generally will come up with books in that genre. Granted #horror will also bring up some stuff vastly unrelated and genre tags are far from book specific.
  2. #Books – Books.
  3. #Bookshelves or #Bookshelf — People generally posting pictures or talking about books. #BookPhotography goes kind of hand in hand having pictures of books.
  4. #KindleBargains or #KindleBargain – Deals on kindle books.
  5. #BookChat – Is a hashtag for talking about books. You could also use #LitFict for talking about fiction books.
  6. #GoodReads —  Are you on Good Reads? Connect with other GoodReads Members with this tag.
  7. #GreatReads – People sharing great reads on Twitter.
  8. #Kindle – People talking about kindle. This gets a lot of attention and your tweets might become lost in it. Many authors and publishers use it.
  9. #AmReading — Use this tag for what you are reading and to see what others are reading in searches. I like to use this twitter tag to find people reading books I’ve read to talk about.
  10. #BookLovers – Have a book you love? Want to discuss it? use the #booklovers tag to show your love for books. Personally I don’t use this often.
  11. #Bibliophile — This is a tag for books, just everything books.
  12. #FreeBooks – Obviously, free books. I use then when I am giving a book away for free.
  13. #BookAddict — This is a tag for book lovers who are addicted to reading.
  14. #EBooks – Ebooks is a fairly loaded tag. It’s for marking something as being related to or being an Ebook.


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