The Thief of Always – Book Review

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The Thief of Always, a children’s book for adults. Written by Clive Barker.

My first thoughts about this was were of surprise. It was the first Clive Barker book I read that didn’t have at least one scene of sexual content. Which makes sense, it’s a children’s book. I did enjoy this book. I don’t think it’s something that I would read again but it is something that I liked.

Honestly, and maybe this is just because I recently watched the movie, the book kind of reminded me of the Stephen Kind book IT in how it’s about a creature who shape changes to feed on children. Not exactly on the children but on their essence (I think).

This book does some interesting things with time and develops some interesting ideas around the power of the human imagination. It rams home the idea that you should value what you have, your parents, your home, and your friends. Even if at times you are bored by life. There’s worse things than where you are. Sometimes getting everything you want is a bad thing.

There’s lessons in this story that I’d like my children to learn and when I have them I will likely share this book with them.

This is a short and pleasant read. I recommend it.


I have some samples of my own writing here. I’d love to hear what you think of it.


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