At the Tower of Midnight- Richard Klu

Thank you for reading. I am happy that you enjoyed it.


(Cover used by permission of the author)

I signed up a few months ago to Richard Kluā€™s WP account and got to a post where he offers readers a chance to read/sample his own creations. I cant figure out how to tag people on this phone I use which I use to do my posts from yet, The HorroršŸ™ˆ (soon as I do tho, I will add his site here somewhere, sorry Mr Kluā€¦).

Richard states on almost all his posts that the stories he writes are some what inspired, if not totaly by H.P Lovecraft, so that drew me in from the start. Seeing as it is close to halloween I thought I could read his three shorts before month end. The first being read this past Sunday.

At the Tower of Midnight tells the story of a book found in Istanbul by a somewhat rich female and herā€¦

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