Stop Trying to be Original

There are a lot bullshit rules in writing and this is one of them: You have to be original.

Because you don’t. Every story you can think of has been done in some shape or form. Every idea you have is not unique. You are not unique, you are just slightly different than the people around you. That’s okay.

We Strive to be different and we waste time!

There’s nothing wrong with creating a book based on a cliche idea. It became cliche because it works. It’s what people like to read. The only problem with using cliches is when you use so many that the entire story is cliche.

It’s not being different that wastes your time, it’s TRYING to be different or Unique.

Do you have a story? Great write it. Let go of the idea that it’s been done or that you have to do something special in a genre. You don’t. Your story is fine without the worry of special features.


I wrote this because I see and meet a lot of writers that say they have a great idea but it’s already been done. Everything’s been done. Do it again, just change the names and the world a little. StarWars is just the Hero’s Journey. So is Logan and Children of Men and hundreds of other movies. (I’m using movies because it’s more likely we’ve all seen these).

Stop worrying and create. If you write it well, people will like it.


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