Authors, Get More Email Signups

I want to share something I’ve been doing lately that’s doubled my email signups. I’ve also heard of authors using this website to get over a thousand email signups in a few months.

I’ve been using Instafreebie. Instafreebie, if you haven’t heard of it, is a website where you can giveaway books in exchange for emails. Why would I go pay for something I can do for free on my website?

Well… that parts a little different. I’m not sure yet. I thought it was silly. I thought it didn’t make sense. But then I read about the group section and found out that it’s a collaboration that makes Instafreebie worth it.

For instance, I joined a group giveaway and now At the Tower of Midnight has been read by 12 new readers. Over the next few months I am signed up to be involved in multiple giveaways. I’m preparing a full book specifically for giveaways and (permafree on amazon).

Why are group giveaways awesome?

There are 17 books in 1 of of the giveaways that I am in. That’s 17 different authors in the same genre. That’s 17 fan bases with similar audiences. That’s 17 Facebooks, 17 twitters, 17 blogs, and 17 of everything else any of these authors are using for promotion. We all want this group to succeed. We all benefit, and most importantly, readers benefit.

At $20 a month with a 30 day free trial, I recommend trying it. If you don’t enjoy it or you don’t think your getting enough out of it for the website to be worth it, then don’t sign up (You don’t have give payment info until after 30 days).

Most of the giveaways I’ve joined haven’t started yet, but I have found that many of my Instafreebie tweets get shared more than just my website tweets about free books. I’ve generated 25 additional signups in 15 days.

I think this is an interesting site and I am going to be using it for at least two months. After that I will have spent $20 and if at that point it’s not worth my time I won’t be using it anymore. However I suspect that as more of the group giveaways I am in begin to take off (most are mid nov or dec) I will start to see higher returns.

Have you used Instafreebie? Do you recommend it?
I think it’s worth at least using the free month.

I’ve got a link to instafreebie here. If anyone who clicks it does sign up I get a free month for referring you. (If I’m referring people I might as well use a referral link right?)

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