.Ak’Thu’Sarm is a god within the cosmic horror book Cabals of Blood. Ak’Thu’Sarm is an ancient god that travels the cosmos surviving on the bodies and prayers of lesser evolved beings.

Currently Ak’Thu’Sarm is within the moon orbiting earth. Ak’Thu’Sarm awakens only to eat and is awaiting the growth of his followership to feed him enough with their prayers so that Ak’Thu’Sarm can fully awaken.

Ak’Thu’Sarm is the mother of the first star children. Two beings which traverse the solar system, one attempting to escape the other. One child is forever being eaten while the other is forever devouring.

Ak’Thu’Sarm first appears in the story, “At The Tower of Midnight” and is a key figure in the mythology of the Cabals of Blood.

Kre is the main enemy of Ak’Thu’Sarm. They routinely battle for the love of followers on earth and on planets long dead. Kre is the father of the star children birthed by Ak’Thu’Sarm.

Kre arrived on earth first and in an attempt to trap Kre on the planet Ak’Thu’Sarm crashed into the planet and buried Kre deep below the surface. In doing so Ak’Thu’Sarm became trapped inside of the rocks thrown into space and after being weakened in battle became locked inside the moon by the gathering debris.


Cabals of Blood (amazon)Learn more about Ak’Thu’Sarm and Kre in Cabals of Blood.


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