My Top Performing Book has NO REVIEWS

Recently I released a western that I wrote years ago and always considered it a first work. Well after some later thoughts about how it was just wasting away in cyber space I decided to publish the book entitled, Bonds of the Wild West. Much to my surprise it’s performing better than my other books. Cabals of Blood was the first book I published and it’s been slowly performing better and better. Bernard’s Door has gotten very few reads, even when it was free (meaning that I need to either change the cover, title, or the description, probably all of them).

I am surprised by this. The cover art was one of the easier to set up that I’e done and the book itself is one that I really like but wasn’t sure there was a market for.

Maybe I should finish my horror stories and just start writing westerns. Maybe this was just a fluke. I’m going to push some more marketing behind it and see what happens.

If you are interested you can find Bonds of the Wild West here:



Bonds of the Wild West





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