The Why? – Book Marketing

When I was young I didn’t like math because when ever I asked why I needed to learn it I was told that I needed it encase I was going to build a set of stairs. It wasn’t until years after that that I found out, from an English teacher, that it’s because math teaches critical thinking. The reason is often times why people don’t learn new things. Why learn this?

That’s the same questions readers ask when they look at our books. Why? Why should I read this? Why part with my hard earned money over something you published? You have to think about that just as much with books as you would a products. It’s difficult to see your book as anything more than art but it’s a product too. (A super awesome product made out of your heart and soul).

I think that’s a hard question to answer. What will my book do for anyone? It’s fiction? It will entertain, yes. But how will it make someone feel? How do I want them to feel when they read it and why would they want to experience that?

What am I doing to convey this? What are you doing to convey this?

What can you do beyond what you are doing to get your message across?



  1. Works of fiction involve studies in character. Character needs to take action, to solve problems. I have learned much from looking at the problem-solving methods of fictional characters from Hamlet to Alyosha Karamazov.


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