Author Marketing – Key Words

I haven’t been posting often on this blog. I haven’t been using Facebook or Twitter much either. I’ve been doing other things and yet, my website traffic from one source has remained the same as it was when I was posting every other day.

The Source is Google Search.

When I write blog posts I often times use Google Trends to see keywords that match the topic or subtopic so that I can include those key words for web searches. This has helped me to rank higher in Google and Bing. It’s part of an over all SEO (search engine optimization) plan.

What keywords are you writing about?

I focus on keywords and articles related to, Authors, Readers, Book Reviews, Kindle, and Amazon. Because I want to network with Authors, readers, book reviewers, and attract users of Kindle and Amazon.

If you are not utilizing keywords and forming your posts around what people are searching for, you are doing yourself a disservice.

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