turning a blog into books

I’ve read a few methods,  mostly for nonfiction, of ways to write blog posts like chapters. In doing so you are able to both advertise, network,  and gain readers while producing your next piece.

As you may have experienced, coming up with blog post ideas to attract and interact with new followers and make new friends can be a chore. I try to plan my posts and spread them out so that i don’t write 10 posts in one week then not have anything prepared for next month.

The solution is to mix my plans of writing and my plans for content. On my blog, for instance, HP lovecraft and writing posts do well. Whereas I would love to eventually create a book about how to self publish and build an author platform, I need a little more experience to comfortably fill the book with enough content to sell.

So i’m going to write a book about HP Lovecraft, Cthulhu, and examine the Mythos that he created. This will pair well with my other books which are cosmic horror and it will give me the ability to multi task. Not only will I be taking a few hours off writing fiction to blog, but those posts will also now form another book.

Looking through my current posts, I think that if I plan it out right I can create a book on HP lovecraft, in the next three to four months while completing my next Novel. (I put beneath the darkness isle on the shelf for now to finish a book I wrote half of about a year ago.)


My focus is on smart content. Content that draws in and grows an audience but can be utilized later to generate more book sales.

Thank you for reading. I wish you a wonderful 2018 and I hope that the idea’s presented in this article were of a help to you in some way.


  1. I’ve made somewhat similar changes to my blog after finding that my most popular content isn’t the documentation of my process, but sharing entertainment and my fiction. I’m now using my love of Lovecraft to write a story inspired by and using his mythos that I’ll be sharing on it.

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