Tick Tock – Flash Fiction

Tick Tock

Tick, tock. Goes the old clock. Echoing through my small home. Tick, tock, the grandfather clock beside me. Ticking and tocking and making me wish I’d never bought the damned thing. My old wooden chair creaks as I lean left to the dining table and grasp a bottle of liquor. I pour a small class and down the contents quickly. Then I pour myself another glass.

Bang, thud. The floor shakes and the clock chimes as thunderous booms echo just outside the nearby window. Then silence. Silence and tick tocking. My eyelids grow heavy in these late hours. My nerves are on edge. Thump. A noise from the next room. Thump, tick, thump, tock. It is here again.

Here for me I assume. But there really is no way to know. It could be here simply for fun. Simply to walk around a stranger’s home, watch them sleep, watch them live, and take their sanity. I fear it has come for mine. I hear whistles of wind and the boom of thunder coming from outside. They are no bother, nor is the rain which has begun to pelt my home.

Thump, thump. The footsteps are closer now. My hand shakes and I down another glass of liquor. Three lights usually light my dining room, they hang from a small chandler and together they would normally illuminate the area properly. Not tonight. Tonight the light is off. Tonight I am ready for it to end.

Tick, thump, tock, thump, thump, thump, thump. The shadowy figure enters the room and though I cannot see its eyes I feel them pressing into me. Time seems to stand still as the clocks hands slowly move and then a tick breaks the silence. The creature takes one step forward. Tock. Then another. Tick. Tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, now it stands before me. So tall its head nearly touches the ceiling and so skinny it’s nearly a skeleton.

Could this be a man? I doubt it. No man would wonder my small home night after night keeping me awake. Not one human I have ever seen or heard of. The clock ticks again as the creature lets loose a long breath towards me. Then it breathes in deeply, slightly sucking my hair towards it from a few feet away.

I look up at him, I used to be afraid. This is not the first night we have done this. For seven weeks this creature has kept me up, wandering around and rummaging through my things. He leaves me a mess to clean up every morning and noises to keep me up every night. Tick, the creature takes a step back.

I know where it came from. It arrived here when I brought home the clock. The creature is part of it. A curse upon any owner. I should destroy the clock. At that thought the clock ticks and then tocks quickly drawing my attention to it. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Rapid fire tick tocking.

The creature moves forward again, leaning towards me. I am paralyzed, this is a first. There is an eruption within my skull as a spike of pain from the back of my head shoots through my right eyeball. Then my chair hops three feet off the flooring and slams back into it. The chair cracks and breaks allowing me to tumble through its old wooden structure and onto the floor. The black creature leans over me, enveloping me in darkness. My last view is looking up at him, locking onto what I think are eyes.


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    1. I didn’t really ever decide on what the actually entity coming for the narrator was. It stemmed from a fear of the dark and a grand father clock that my grand parents had when I was a child. The clock always made it difficult to sleep through the night when I slept over. Then later in life it finally turned into this short.

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