Evolving Your Writing

As we write and learn more about our craft, as writers, we often time seek perfection. We look to craft stories that are deep and meaningful to us with words that express situations and emotions in ways that others can understand. Over time we learn to do this better. Much like how a basketball player gets better at shooting year over year or an artist gets better at sketching.

I’ve been friends with Angel Medina for about a year now and I went back and read his Angel’s Nightmares series recently. Angel is focusing on LitRPGs now but that wasn’t always his focus. He’d originally written his horror series for a competition, one that he lost. Since then book 1 has gone on to be a kindle best seller.

But that’s not what I want to talk about.

If you read books 1 through 3 you can see a clear change in not only formatting style but writing style. The story and the actions in the books move from being closer to a traditional horror novel in book 1 to being deeply ingrained with the elements of LitRPG’s by the end of the 3rd book.

I point out this observation because I think as writers sometimes we forget where we came from, or, where we are going. Sometimes we even forget that change is good. That altering how we do things helps us.

You can find Angel’s work here:


You can find my work here:


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