Story Structure




Seems simple right? But it’s far from it the first few times you actually sit down to write. A strong story builds up to a climax and creates a payoff for both the reader and the characters. There’s a very real threat in the story. Something we don’t want to see happen or something that is happening that we want to see stopped.

But first we need a setting. Then we need to introduce our characters. Then we have to make the reader believe that this really could happen. It’s very easy to write an unbelievable character. If they never lose or struggle it’s unbelievable.

The beginning of the story is an introduction to the characters, the world, and the problem.

The middle is the acceptance of the journey and the chracters struggle towards finding resolution. Many times in the middle of a story a character will try something and fail. They weren’t ready. They needed to lose and suffer before they could find victory.

The of the the story is where we see resolution of the problem and the aftermath. Stories don’t just end when the problem goes away. There has to be falling action that gives proper resolution.

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