What is a Deep One?

What is a Deep One?

The Deep One’s are a prominent species in Lovecraft’s work. They are only in the story, Shadow Over Innsmouth. Deep One’s are a fish like species. They are human shaped with fish heads and scaled. They are immortal aside from death by violence. Deep One’s have cities made of stone and mother of pearl decorations under the oceans. A Deep One can survive on land for extended periods of time.

Deep One’s make pacts with humans for sacrifices and breeding. When one of these children grows older they gain immortality and they take on features of a Deep One. A half breed child may move away from the ocean but they always return to the call of the deep.

The Deep Ones praise three deities, Father Dagon, Mother Hydra, and Cthulhu. Deep One’s supposedly can communicate telepathically across the globe and may be jointly working with human governments.

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