I haven’t posted in a while

So I haven’t posted in a while. A few readers were kind enough to reach out and make sure I was still alive. Thank you for that. I haven’t stopped writing. I did however take the time to look at everything I was doing and evaluate my time and see what was benefiting my work and what wasn’t.

Blogging wasn’t. So I stopped blogging quite so often. It was more useful for networking and sharing thoughts than actually selling books. Networking it into own right, is well worth the time spend.

Tweeting on twitter wasn’t working either. So I pretty much stopped that. Also, great for networking. I’ve got a few friends on twitter I talk to regularly. But I can’t say I’ve gotten sales from Twitter, not enough to make the time spend worth it.

So what have I been neglecting my blog for?

I started a new job and did some traveling. The traveling threw me out of my routine. If you’ve read my blog you’ll know that I believe in following a routine and ensuring that daily tasks are accomplished.

I’ve spend a great deal of time trying to figure out Amazon’s ranking system inside of searching. I’ve looked at book descriptions, their categories, and read article after article about how to organically improve your sales rank. Running Amazon ad’s didn’t seem to help me much (maybe I was doing those wrong too?).

What did work? Changing out book covers to better match the genres I was selling in and changing all the keywords for my books. I need to be more specific in some cases and less specific in others. This has doubled my sales, still, they aren’t very high but, I’m actually now seeing a deposit in my bank account that I actually notice (opposed to me wondering if I put the wrong ACH # into KDP.

I’m going to start blogging more again now that I have settled into my new job. I will also now have more free time to work on books now that I’ve been able to quit working my second job. This frees up a good 20 hours of my week.


  1. Interesting evaluation, Richard. I too wonder about my marketing efforts. Hmm… I did spend extra money on the cover for my newest release, hoping it would better-fit the genre. We’ll see.

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    1. I hope your new cover does well. Sometimes just changing the cover increases sales. That old saying of not judging a book by it’s cover is basically the opposite of how customer actually react lol.


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